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About Il-haam Ahmed

Il-haam is a freelance writer and English teacher. She has worked at universities in both South Africa and Turkey. She is interested in Sufism, fragrance compositions and making sense of the world around her. When she’s not listening to reggaeton, eating caramel with spoon or stroking cats, she dreams of returning to the great love of her life, Istanbul. IL-HAAM ENSURES THE EDITORIAL INTEGRITY OF HIKAAYAT AND FINDS SYNERGIES IN OUR COLLECTIVE CREATIVE SPACE.

Hikaayat is proud to collaborate with Tasnim Morrison

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Hikaayat is proud to collaborate with Tasnim Morrison, the human behind the Instagram account @reads.and.reveries… Tasnim will be posting regular book reviews on Hikaayat, so we caught up with the London-based bookstagrammer to find out